7 Awesome Kid Gift Ideas

  1. Knewman4 says:

    Brilliant suggestions. We recently hired a professional organizer who helped us clean out our basement and one of the things I asked for was a “gift closet” of the kind I had growing up. There was always something useful there that could be given at the last minute. I’m also a big fan of old fashioned classics, like marbles (for older kids, of course), Slinkies, and some “new classic” board games like Quirkle (very fun and challenging for all ages) and Blokus. We use Amazon Prime, so if I remember to order the gift the day I get the invitation we’re ahead of the game. Sometimes I still get caught in the “day of” trap, but it’s fun to go to toy stores, so it’s not the worst thing ever 🙂

    • suburbanturmoil says:

       Love those ideas!

      I don’t mind going to the toy store at the last minute IF I know exactly what I’m looking for. What I hate is going at the last minute and wandering aimlessly with no clue of what to buy.

  2. Katrina says:

    Is it evil that I don’t want to share this wonderful post with my friends because we go to the same kids’ birthday parties and I want to keep all the ideas to myself? 😉 

  3. defmum says:

    excellent suggestions!! Thanks a million– I think the perplexus is going to be a big hit with my son’s friends– who are 7/8/9 years old.  I may have to buy one for my son as well….

  4. Katelynn says:

    These are great!  Does anyone have any good ideas for outdoor toys? 

  5. Barbara says:

    Not sure if they still have these, but a few years back both my girls would give an over the door roll (or you could use it table top) that contained large pictures to color. I think you could buy refill coloring rolls. It had crayons and markers with it. We got a set for them, and the loved it so much that we started giving it as a gift. It was around $15, so it was reasonable and generally about a week after the gift was given the mom would pull me aside and ask about it, because their child loved it! I was sorry when the outgrew this! I don’t recall the name but I remember seeing it at Walmart, Target and Toys r Us.

  6. Litenarata says:

    I’m a little surprised you worded the Lego part the way you did. I’ve always thought of Legos as safe bets for girls too. It sounds like you’re saying to buy the girl-theme sets for girls, but every girl I know who loves Legos loved the same sets that boys played with. Part of the problem I think is that the girl-theme sets are only a tiny portion of Lego’s offerings, and most of them are stereotypical “girl” stuff, like horses, pets, beauty, cooking,and plenty of pink and pastel.

    • Mary says:

      Totally agree!

    • suburbanturmoil says:

      I’m sure there are girls who enjoy the non girl theme LEGO sets, but I wouldn’t recommend that people buy them for a girl’s birthday party unless she’s specifically expressed interest in that particular LEGO set. I actually think more girls would be interested in the other sets if they included more girl characters. Most of them have only one or two girl figures, which is not enough to capture most girls’ interest.

      That said, I’ve found the girl-themed sets are just as fun and intricate to put together as the others, and if you know of a girl who’s interested in horses, pets, beauty, and plenty of pink and pastel (as many girls are, whether we like it or not), it’s a great gift idea.

  7. I love the idea of a fort kit! I got one for my Godson this year (yes, I know they are easy to make on their own, but all wrapped up in a package just gets kids excited). A couple of matching sheets, some clothes pins, a flashlight, maybe some snacks. Perfect!

  8. I just came back for this post! Our neighbor is turning 7 and has “everything”! So this was really helpful, thanks!!!

  9. Annika says:

    Have you ever played Spot It? It’s only 12 bucks and virtually everyone who plays it, man, child, boy, girl, falls in love. It’s essentially a super fast matching game but that makes it sound so much less than it is. For an easy present that’s guaranteed to be a hit, check out this game. You can get it on Amazon.

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