A couple of months ago, I was at a coffeeshop in L.A. when a man overheard me tell the barista I was visiting from Nashville. “You’re from Nashville, huh?” he said. “I heard Nashville is really cool. I heard it’s the place to be.” “It isn’t, though,” I said quickly. “I promise you, it really […]

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May 31, 2022

Nashville: It’s Just Okay.

I like to think of myself as a watchdog for things that don’t matter and in this self-appointed role, I felt it necessary to report to you on a recent discovery that quite frankly has me questioning everything I thought I knew about downtown Nashville. Buckle up, dear reader, because you are in for a […]

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May 6, 2022

What I Saw From This Rooftop Changed Everything I Thought I Knew About Downtown Nashville

Several years ago, I had a very special occasion coming up, so I decided to get my brows waxed for the first time. This was right around the time that eyebrows were becoming a Thing, and since this particular occasion would include lots of fashionable people, I wanted to prove I still knew what was […]

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May 3, 2022

It’s Time for a Serious Conversation About Eyebrows

I know you’re all deeply concerned about my wellbeing right now and wondering where on earth I’ve been. Okay, okay, that may actually not be the case, but I’m still going to go out on a limb here and acknowledge my absence in the wild hope that one day a hundred years from now, a […]

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March 28, 2022

Panic at the Grocery

NASHVILLE — Nashville’s historic Ryman Auditorium is about to get a major makeover according to city leaders, who announced plans today to paint the historic church white. In a news conference held on the Ryman’s front steps, Mayor John Cooper told reporters the paint job is the first phase of a design partnership between the […]

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January 24, 2022

Nashville’s Historic Ryman Auditorium to Be Painted White

Lindsay raced through the kitchen, eyeing the oven clock as she passed. If she left right away, she’d arrive at her son’s school just in time for the afternoon bell. Grabbing her keys and purse from the counter, she hustled through the door with a determined look on her face. Lindsay hated being late. “Okay, […]

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December 7, 2021

True Story

One morning a few weeks ago, I woke up as usual, hopped out of bed (our bed is very high off the ground, so hopping really is what I have to do), and gasped in pain. My knee was locked at a 90-degree angle. Trying to straighten it was excruciating. I did the only thing […]

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November 15, 2021

I Feel Bad About My Knee

I’ve written more than a few posts over the years about a subject that’s near and dear to the hearts of parents everywhere: The car rider pick-up line. As a work-from-home parent, I’ve never been able to come up with a compelling reason as to why I couldn’t take the kids to and from school […]

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November 4, 2021

Everything I Thought I Knew About the Car Rider Pick-Up Line was Wrong

I have news. And it’s going to shake some of you to the core. I’m not even kidding. At a dinner I attended last night, the small talk turned briefly to teens and tweens. “I just learned something horrifying from my teens, actually,” I said. (Because ‘something horrifying’ is always good for dinner parties with […]

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October 4, 2021

This Texting Mistake Could Be Ruining Your Life

Texting Etiquette

“I’m going to make a quick phone call,” I told my 14-year-old son not long ago, after picking him up from school. “Who are you calling?” he asked. “You’ll see,” I told him. I speed-dialed Dennis Ferrier and put the phone on speaker. “Hello?” Dennis said. “Hey!” I said. “I just wanted to let you […]

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September 25, 2021

Notes From the Mom of a Teenage Boy