October 25, 2017 posted by Lindsay Ferrier

Confession: I Don’t Wear a Wedding Ring

Confession: I Don’t Wear a Wedding Ring

Not-so-fun fact about me: I have eczema! It’s very mild, never noticeable to anyone but me, and for most of my life, it wasn’t much of a problem. After I had kids, though, it started cropping up in a very problematic place — on my fingers. Having a family and being chief food preparer and germ eliminator means I wash my hands a LOT now, and that has been a major problem for my ‘minor’ eczema, particularly in the winter months. To help eliminate the problem, I’ve pretty much stopped wearing rings, which has led to a few embarrassing situations when men have assumed I’m a single mom. I wrote about the problem several years ago:

The truth is that I haven’t worn my wedding rings in years– not because Hubs and I are on the outs, but because the eczema that occasionally flared up on my fingers from time to time got much worse after Bruiser was born. Now, just about anything sets it off, from preparing food to using certain kinds of soap… to wearing rings. Cortisone cream makes it better, but the kind that works best is prescription strength and can only be used once a day– So it’s much easier to simply try and eliminate the things that set the eczema off in the first place. I now use disposable gloves when making dinner– and I almost never wear rings. I do keep a few cheap silver rings in a dish in the kitchen just for the times (like when I’m going to the kids’ schools) when wearing a wedding ring seems like it might be a good idea. The last thing I want to do, after all, is get the rumor mill going. But even then, it’s a sacrifice, because the whole time I’m wearing the ring, I’m uncomfortable. Any ring I wear burns as if its inner rim has been coated with thin layer of acid. As soon as I get home (and often before then), I rip it off and put it wherever I happen to be (which is why my real wedding rings are safely put away- I can’t tell you how many cheap “replicas” I’ve lost over the last few years). Afterward, my ring finger and the fingers on either side are red and inflamed, and itch for hours.

Yep. It’s a problem — and now it’s become even more difficult, because the prescription cortisone cream I used to use when needed skyrocketed in price from $20 for a tube to over $300. I’ve become one of those unfortunate Americans who suffer in silence rather than getting the MEDICINE I NEED. That’s why I (figuratively, but still) leaped at the chance to try GOLD BOND® Ultimate Eczema Relief. It’s available in most grocery and drug stores, it’s just $9.99 for a bottle, and it has been accepted by the National Eczema Association.


Gold Bond Eczema Relife
What makes it work? GOLD BOND® Ultimate Eczema Relief is a steroid-free, patented formula that blends 2% colloidal oatmeal, 7 moisturizers, and 3 vitamins to relieve itch, dryness, scaling/peeling, roughness, and redness/irritation. In clinical tests of GOLD BOND® Ultimate Eczema Relief: – 8 out of 10 eczema sufferers saw and felt significant skin improvement in 2 weeks – 8 out of 10 experienced significant relief of dryness, scaling, and roughness in 2 weeks – 9 out of 10 experienced significant relief of redness/irritation in 4 weeks.

In my case, keeping my hands moisturized and protected helps keep the eczema at bay, so GOLD BOND® Ultimate Eczema Relief has become part of my daily care routine. I actually keep my bottle by the kitchen sink, and re- moisturize each time I wash and dry my hands. I’m hopeful that with the help of GOLD BOND®, I’ll be able to keep eczema from ever even breaking out on my fingers this winter. As you can imagine, I’m loving this stuff. You can learn more about GOLD BOND® Ultimate Eczema Relief at the GOLD BOND® website. And to get you even more excited about GOLD BOND® Ultimate Eczema Relief, I’m giving away a $100 Visa Gift Card to one lucky Suburban Turmoil reader. To enter this giveaway, just answer the following question in the comments of this post:

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