I Just Went Shopping at the Mall and Now I Am So Confused

  1. Rhonda Gilbert says:

    This is a hilarious read but so true! I’ve been to stores from Nordstrom to Chicos to Dress Barn several times hoping and praying that the things I saw yesterday were a cruel joke and things would be different the next day. Nope! Same evil twins poly and ester are everywhere and in everything! Guess I’ll be wearing the same old same old this year,

  2. SewLibra says:

    Thanks for the laughs! And…this is why those of who sew, sew!

  3. Rebekah says:

    Okay, so I discovered this article…and I’m so confused that people think that a fanny pack = a legit fashion accessory?! https://www.purseblog.com/trends/kim-kardashian-bella-hadid-kendall-jenner-belt-bags-fanny-packs/ Also, can we talk about Kim K’s pants???

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    • Miss Minnie says:

      I am hopeful that you will cover this years designs and styles. Especially the look that I can only assume is to mimic The Brady Buch when they starred on a tv game show as they sang “Sunshine Days” in matching tracksuits…. Truly hilarious clothing heading our way for all to wear, care of Target.
      Happy Holidays and good luck finding something that doesn’t remind you of the Partich Family this season

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