This Family Viewing Guide Solves the ‘Jennifer Lopez Problem’

  1. Rory Hicks says:

    I didn’t see the half time performance that these prudish goody two shoe family parents are whining about!!! But when the Olympics are shown on tv here in a few weeks etc; I’ll bet those people let they’re children watch the crotch shots and skin and naked bodies and never will say a damn thing about it!!! Fucking prudes!!!

  2. Emma says:

    You nailed it !! 😹😹

  3. William Smith says:

    You clearly don’t get it. Are your senses dull and numb? My family and my community doesn’t want to see any of that, especially on prime time television. Your alleged double standard doesn’t exist. Maybe you should go crawl back under your rock, into the moist decomposing darkness of valueless world.

  4. Jim says:

    Amazing how many people do understand the concept of “satire”

  5. Erin says:

    I just loved this! Although I’ve never watched a football game in my life (can ya tell I’m not Southern) I certainly heard plenty about it! You hit the nail on the head. Respect.

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