Restoration Hardware Called and Wants Its Reclaimed Upcycled Meat Hook Back.

  1. Gina Patton says:


  2. Salote says:

    hahaha oh Lindsey you made my evening with an out loud series of guffawes !!

  3. Melissa says:

    Those cone-of-shame-wearing deer are everything. Made my day.

    Okay the coat rack I could actually see, like in a cabin or something. But I could NOT see myself shelling out a hundred bucks for it. I’ll chop down some aspens and make one myself.

  4. Amy Kovach says:

    Hiney. Bwahahahaa. Love it.

  5. Miss B says:

    My family actually purchased the antique pulley wheel to use as a grave marker for my dear great-grandpappy, Jubilation S. Robinowitz. Why, he gave his life to that merciless rock quarry, and he was just one rotation of that old wooden pulley away from retirement. He never saw the beaver that chewed that rope nearly in two, and we can only hope he never saw the stone that crushed the artery in his large, bunioned toe causing him to bleed out before the first responder wagon could ferry him to the hospital. *Pauses for a moment of reflection.

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