February 10, 2010 posted by Lindsay

Sport Clips: The Hooters of Hair

“Your hair looks great,” I told Dennis the other day after he’d arrived home from a haircut. “Who did it this time?”

“Trudy,” he said. “She always does such a good job. Although she told me she’s being courted by Sport Clips, so I might have to start going over there.”

“Sport Clips?” I said, frowning. “Are you kidding me?! I forbid it.”

“What? Why?” Dennis asked, confused.

“Oh, Dennis,” I said, shaking my head at his naiveté. “Sport Clips is basically a Hooters for hair.”

Dennis laughed. “No it’s not,” he scoffed.

“Dennis,” I said patiently. “I see the girls from Sport Clips come in when I’m at Starbucks. They wear a lot of makeup and have cute hair and they’re all, ‘Ooh! Come in and see me some time!’ to any man they see in the place– and then they turn and give me these really smug looks, like ‘Your husband’s next, betch.‘ So basically, if you even set foot in that place? They’ve won.

Dennis, of course, acted like I was totally overreacting… So in the interest of keeping our family intact, I did a little Internet research. The information I gathered WILL SHOCK YOU.


Wives, I present to you the Sport Clips stylist. She “knows what guys want.” In fact, she is “Guy-Smart.” She “makes every effort to provide personal attention.” Your husband may utilize these points when he tries to explain to you why he NEEDS to get his hair cut at Sport Clips. You only have to say one word back to him: BARBER.But wait. There’s more!


“At Sport Clips, Guys Win.” Seriously? What exactly do they win? At first, I was struck by the fact that Sport Clips offers “Memorable Gifts.” But then I realized it actually said “Memorabilia Gifts.” Still, though, notice that it conveniently doesn’t say what kind of memorabilia. I mean, are they talking about a Giants pennant? Or a back issue of Playboy? I AM EXTREMELY SKEPTICAL.
The statements made on the Sport Clips site were questionable. But some of the pictures on the Sport Clips site spoke much louder than words. Here’s what they said to me.



OMG! I could, like totally see myself as YOUR STEPMOTHER!


This is the best chance we’ve had to score since 1997!”


Showers? Really, Sport Clips? Showers?

And finally, the most damning piece of evidence… Sport Clips’ popular “neck and shoulder massage,” a service that’s apparently so stimulating, AN ENTIRE STATE HAS BANNED IT.

“Think of it this way,” I explained to Dennis. “Imagine if I were to go to a salon called Pecker’s. A salon filled with attractive, heterosexual male stylists. How would you feel? And what do you think people would think of me if they saw me going in there?”

“Uh, can we just drop it?” Dennis asked.

Point. Made.

I might have stopped my husband from having his own Sport Clips experience, but I’m one of the very few lucky ones. Sport Clips has infiltrated my own neighborhood and I’ve never seen so many buzz cuts around here.

So I’m thinking of taking up a collection from all the book clubs, bunco players, and mom groups in the area to open a salon right next door to Sport Clips. The stylists will all be wives, and they’ll be welcome to volunteer at my place any time their husbands are getting their hair cut next door. We’ll call it Shear Terror.

Franchise opportunities are available! E-mail me for details.

EDITED TO ADD: Sport Clips responds! Here’s what they had to say.

Sport Clips feels it is in everyone’s best interest to set the record straight. We are a family-friendly men’s and boys’ haircutter; however, there are others in the industry that do fit your description. Our founder, a lifetime member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars who puts family and country first, has gone so far as to recommended to our franchise owners that they keep certain issues of common sports magazines out of the waiting area to maintain an environment where parents will be comfortable bringing their children. If you visit a Sport Clips, you will find televisions tuned to sports programming, family-friendly reading material, “memorabilia” of popular teams and players for purchase, and hair care services that are appropriate for “hubs” and their “cubs”.


Your Friends at Sport Clips



  • Reason

    I feel so bad for your husband. You must dominate him in every aspect of his life. I am sure on the surface he acts like he is ok with your rants and raves but he asked to “drop it” not because he agrees but because he is run down and sad inside. There is nothing wrong with going to a sports clips. It’s just a hair cut and neck massage while ESPN is on. Also, if my wife wanted a neck message and hair cut from a place like sports clips but for women that would be just fine. Only a very insecure relationship would breed such distrust that you are scared of your husband going to get his hair cut. Good luck to your husband.

    • Anonymous

      Great comment from a husband who found this post while searching for “Girls of Sport Clips.” This post was parody. Consider it an excellent chance to reevaluate your own behavior as a spouse.  🙂

      • Arun

        Too bad suburbanturmoil. I feel you can take away the suburban part. SportClips recently opened in our neighborhood and I found this article in my google search to see if sports clips offered any service for women (was planning to take my wife, if they did). Instead of blasting out at the the previous commenter have you considered that he would have had similar intentions? Your husband and your life is in your hands, not in the hands of any service personnel at SportClips (or any other place) who spends less than 15-30 minutes. Sincerely feel that will give your husband a breather than “forbid”ing from so senseless stuff. Good luck!

      • Isaac Melton19

        Maybe he was just looking up “Sports Clips” in order to find one near his area. Don’t just jump to conclusions. That’s a real problem out in the world these days.

  • Guest

    This blog is BS.  Your husband should get a divorce.

  • kismo34

    Sucks to be you girl. Wow you are so ignorant and reqlly dont have any idea of what are you talking about. You are just dumb. Next time put a chain around your husband neck and tell him to sit right beside you between you control him. Poor guy he most be embarass of you doing all this mess.

  • Jordan

    If a woman has a problem with her guy going to get a 20 minute haircut and shampoo from a female barber, she should reevaluate their relationship. I DARE you to take your guy in, and try a Sport Clips in your area. You are aware that you can go behind the scenes of the lobby chair and hover right? You’re posting because you’re jealous that your guy gets great cuts from cute girls, who are upbeat and fun (not sounding like he gets that a lot from this angle,) who went through training courses to be a better stylist than your average run of the mill chick with clippers and some plastic guards. Loosen up on your leash lady. And when those fun girls go out and say 
    ‘Ooh! Come in and see me some time!…’ There’s a name for it, it’s called networking and marketing. You did some serious twisting and stalking of the webpage, so I applaud your time spent on the web. But it sounds like you could have been spending time with your Hubs, instead of tearing apart a great quality barbershop.

  • hunsa

    You sound like a person who is completely insecure with your relationship. You went to the Sports Clips website and twisted all the words to fit your own accord. Talk about judging a book by it’s cover. Maybe you should get out of the suburb sometime and see the world.

    Clearly, you have self-esteem issues too. “I see the girls from Sport Clips come in when I’m at Starbucks. They wear a lot of makeup and have cute hair…”  What’s wrong with a woman putting effort into how she looks? I don’t know if you realize this but she works in the Hair Industry. You do hair therefore you should be able to style your own hair. 

    You are basically saying that Sports Clips is some kind of brothel. There is a dress code and in the pictures they don’t have anything hanging out. Or is there a back room that unsuspecting women don’t know about? That it’s all a facade to trick women into letting their husbands go there? You make it sound like the main goal for the stylist there is to lure the men into their clutches, ruin marriages, and become step-moms. When, in all honesty, the women are just doing their jobs and are being nice. Which is something that you need to learn to do. Many of them are mom’s just trying to support their family.

    You’ve obviously never heard of Bikini Cuts… They cut hair in, you guessed it, bikini’s. If you want to compare a salon to Hooters that’s the one you should compare it to.

    Get off your soapbox and stop trying to demoralize a group of women that you feel inferior to. 

  • Bg

    I hope this is a joke. WTF kind of relationship are you portraying here? You are that jealous and insecure in your marriage that you won’t let your husband go….to SPORT CLIPS? A FUCKING HAIRCUT PLACE? I hope your husband knew he was signing up for a lifetime of missionary with the lights off and no foreplay when he put a ring on the reincarnate of Loerna Bobbitt. Poor guy.

  • Sportclips stylist

    I have worked for Sport Clips for 6 1/2 years and I am very offended! My favorite client is a 7 year old little boy who I have been cutting for years and I am the only one who has ever cut his hair! We do take pride in our appearance the better you look, the better you feel, the better your mood, which mean higher tips! We are involved in the community and raise thousands of dollars for our soldiers overseas! Not to mention I make it a point to talk to the wives of my clients to make sure they are happy with their husbands haircut! Please don’t be closed minded! Maybe you should go check out the establishment before you bash the company!

  • hfidhhioahfioe

    you can go anywhere and get your hair cut by a female…but i ask why go to a hair salon with a shower… that’s shady shit.. and you guys ever heard of trusting your husband but NOT OTHER WOMEN!!! WOMEN can be pretty slutty for money and having a “shower” room in your facility is just asking for problems y put people threw temptation like that.

    • Damion

      SportClips does not Have showers. My wife works at sportclips I get my hair cut here all the time! Its far from a Hooters!

  • devil pup

    shit if i had i paranoid wife like you id wanna leave you for a sports clips chick. you sound wayyyyy to clingy and insecure. keep acting like this and your husband will have no interest in you…

    • suburbanturmoil

      *weeping* *clinging*

  • stephani altic

    Lol! You are crazy! I’m sure there are a few sluts there like there is at any other establishment. But its not like they are offering blowjobs with a cut. Lol do you know how hard it os for a man to explain a hair cit? I cut men’s hair a lot on cosmo school and unless their wives were there the hair cut they “asked for” isn’t what they got. My husband is the xact way. If he goes without me his hair is alllll jacked up. Theses slogans are not proving your point. The i dea is to make men feel as if they are important and that what they want matters. Not saying “u gon win allll thiss assss when u get your hair cut! Come in so I can break up your family with just the cut of a strand of your haor muhahahaha” really?? Smh.

  • stephani altic

    Lol!! And btw there are no “showers” that’s just where the shampoo bowls are. IDIOTS

  • NoOne

    Oh look, another woman over exaggerating things and jumping to jealous conclusions. It’s a place to get hair cuts. So it has some good looking women, so it has sports. But in the end it isn’t really like hooters. At most a guy is there for maybe 20 min, most of the time the stylist stands behind them blocking any view in the mirror. They wear full clothing, although tight and form fitting still covers most of them up. Relationships would be much happier with out being so jealous, and controlling.

  • Angel

    You sound like an extremely insecure woman. As a happily married hairstylist of 22 years I can say that beauty is our business. I worked/managed for Sport Clips for a number of years and can tell you that the uniform is a sports themed shirt, sweat pants with tennis shoes! There’s nothing sexy about that! As far as hair and makeup, is that a joke? Stylist do not and should not go to work looking like they just rolled out of bed! Sport Clips prides it’s brand on being very conservative, unlike Hooters! As far as your comment about “peckers” well love, that would be a strip club, which I’m betting your husband would love for you to attend. If nothing else it might loosen you up a bit. Stylist who work in an all male salon are not there to pick up your man or wreck your, I’m guessing, unhappy, home. It’s simply a choice made to fall away from doing women’s hair because it’s highly overrated. It’s time consuming and women rarely reward great work with a decent tip. Gonna make sure you have enough left over to get new shoes I guess. A word of advice, spend less time blogging about your personal/marital problems and insecurities and look for a good counselor!

  • brittney

    Really? Insecure much? Your husband is getting a flippin HAIR CUT not motor boating the barber. Chill crazy lady. Trust your man or cut he’s hair if your so damn worried.

  • Whatever

    i have worked for Sportclips for 5 years now, never once have i ever been so offended by some stupid article from some jealous wife.

    Guys come to Sportclips to be in the EXCITING sports environment and are able to sit in our chair and get their hair cut by someone who is not going to yak their ear off, they come because its relaxing and fun, especially the team i work with. we are ALWAYS laughing and smiling and in an awesome mood! we even have single moms bring their children in ( girls and boys) because they love the environment.

    Guys coming to get an awesome haircut and a relaxing shampoo for the 20 minutes is A LOT LESS “SKEPTICAL” then you or any other jealous wife going to a spa and getting a full body massage by some buffed up handsome gentlemen.

    not too mention out uniforms are simple t-shirts that cover everything from waist up. and we wear black pants with tennis shoes. and YES OF COURSE WE DO OUR HAIR AND MAKE UP WHEN GOING TO WORK, WHO DOESNT?????????

    when you are at starbucks getting your coffee and see one of us sportclips girls getting a coffee before we stand on our feet for the 6-12 hour shift we are about to work and we tell your husband or son or even you because you have five sons or whatever, to “come in and see me sometime”, its called MARKETING! thats also part of our job! to grow our store!

    Also when we say that ” GUYS WIN”, they win an Championship Haircut experience in and exciting sports environment! they get 20 minutes to themselves to relax, breathe, time to themselves. just like you when you are getting your nails done, your hair done, or getting your FULL BODY massage or your facial or your eyebrows done or your bikini wax.

    and the captions you have underneath these pictures are just out of this world.




    half of the ladies that work for sportclips are married with children probably the same age as your children.

    half the gentlemen that come to us, talk about their wife and children for the 20 minutes they are in our chair.

    and showers? its a SPORTS ENVIRONMENT! you have actual showers at the spa you go to or the gym you go to. COME ON!

    i think you need to stop judging us “Hooters of Hair” and come in one time and see that we are actually genuine young ladies that are just trying to make a living for ourselves and families.

  • cosmomom

    I would love for you to come to my store. All my stylist are Moms and wives. We the family. I can understand sometimes it’s scary when it seems like “other” things are going on when they aren’t. I don’t judge you its hard sometimes when you’re married, but I will tell you Sport Clips is completely above board. I would invite you to come in and get your haircut with us before sending your husband in. We are cosmetologist and some barbers we are people we are flawed but all we want to do is make the world a better place. I have taught cosmetology schools for many years just so you know I have never once had a student say the reason they’re getting into cosmetology is to find a husband so rest assured your marriage is safe with us.

  • suburbanturmoil

    MMMkay. Hello. I feel the need to step in and mention the following.

    1. This post is ancient, and no one reads it anymore except for Sport Clips hairdressers who pass it around and get offended. Oh, and married men who find this post by doing searches for “hot girls at Sport Clips” and then leave comments saying they ONLY go to Sport Clips for a good haircut and HOW DARE I insinuate they want to ogle the hairdressers.


    2. This post was OBVIOUSLY MEANT TO BE FUNNY. I don’t care who goes to Sport Clips and who doesn’t. I just think the whole idea of the place is hilarious. There’s no need to get breathless and offended, y’all. My husband is welcome to go to Sport Clips any time he wants, although I would probably tease him about it. Because… HILARIOUS.

    3. Seriously? Life’s too short to get worked up over a blog post some D-list mommy blogger wrote in 2010. Go outside and pick flowers. Read some Jane Austen. ENJOY YOUR LIFE. If you’re even bothering to read this post, well, that’s 5 minutes of your life you won’t get back. And there are no refunds.

    • Wendy Graves

      Admittedly yes it is old, so if your opinion has changed then change the post. You need to be upfront that this was intended to be ‘funny’. I’m educated and usually have a killer sense of humor but I didn’t see anything in your post that says “I’m joking” Yes I get worked up, I apologize, but at the same time I took it as a personal insult to my sis. So here it is a full apology for my crazed bitch rant earlier. I’m very sorry, I took out the anger of several bad things that have happened to me recently and fueled them into a angry comment. You didn’t deserve everything I said or for me to make instantaneous judgement on you based on a two year old post. I admit I messed up. Just understand that I was so angry originally I didn’t check the date on the post or the rest of the comments.

  • Twodumb Blondes

    If they start serving wings I’m in.

  • wifewithstandards

    I couldn’t agree with you more! Well said! In no way shape or form, would I want another woman massaging my husbands head! That’s my job! Amen sister!

  • kate

    If you have a problem with another women massaging your husband with an electric massager, he can opt out and not pay for that service. If you think a sports themed men’s salon is the hooter’s of hair cuts maybe you insecure,crazy ladies should google Knockouts.

  • Rebecca F

    My daughter has worked a Sports Clips in the Kansas City area for years. She has many repeat clients and yes, Sports Clips caters to the male species . You can cut their hair quicker and generally men can be better tippers/nicer than females . She is on her feet hours and hours then goes home to take care of her two little boys . She doesn’t flirt with the men, she listens to alot of the men complain about their wives and girlfriends …. After reading your blog , I believe you have some self esteem issues and are coming from a very judgementmental place. I am so glad you are perfect and have the time to put down so many wonderful girls who so very hard for little wages. You have basically called my own daughter a whore , her co workers and managers and the owner a pimp. Can you say ” get a life”, “find a hobby”, and please seek counseling.

  • Sportclips stylist

    Well excuse me, I work at Sport Clips. I have a loving boyfriend of four years and a little babygirl. You are acting like we shake our ta-tas and take them in the back for a happy ending.

    First of all, the little pictures you were seeing is called a “5 point play” which a man created by the way. It does work & that’s why we continue to do that.

    Second of all, we can’t help that we were born attractive women that cut great hair, sorry!

    If you’re that concerned with your husband getting a haircut from us because you think we will be the amazing in 30 minutes (thank you), then I think you have a couple more issues then that.

    We work hard at what we do & are proud of it. 800+ chain stores should probably get a little more credit than your little strip club down the corner.

    That is all, have a wonderful day.

  • Wendy Graves

    This deeply offends me. I do not work at Sports Clips, seeing as I couldn’t cut hair to save my life, but my older sister does. My sister has two beautiful daughters and a devoted husband of almost ten years and you just called her a slut. Fuck you lady! My sister left working a ‘normal’ salon for two reasons; drama and she didn’t want the dye chemicals to harm her baby in anyway. Does that sound like a man stealing whore to you? I think you need to re-evaluate your statement because you just called every woman that works at Sports Clips a harlot. Yes I’m sure there are a few bimbos that work there, but the majority of the ladies that work at sports clips are wives and mothers too. A small side note, the uniform is very conservative, a referee shirt and black pants. (see attached photo) Not exactly hooters! (see attached photo) Also the massages are not performed by hand, the actual reason why it isn’t available in all of the states. (refer to photo) So kindly remove your head from your ass and stick your foot in you mouth. I wish you family well, they need it with someone so close-minded around. Have a nice day!

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