Take a Leap of Faith with Me

  1. purejoy says:

    I was just thinking about this the other day and I’m so excited to try this online Bible study. I’m looking forward to hanging out with Beth {it’s been a long, long time!} and with you!

  2. This sounds amazing.  I’m in!  I love that you’re using your blog to make the world a better place.  As Oprah would say, “It’s not all about the shoes.”  

  3. FireMom says:

    Fantastic. I’m excited!

    I’m also going to share in my places so that others who might want to can join in.

    • FireMom says:

      PS: I think for people who aren’t used to blogging/commenting/etc, a group of some sort might be beneficial.

      • Anonymous says:

        Good point- I figured I’d just see how things go and once we determine who’s in, we’ll decide where we want to go to discuss thoughts that some group members might want to keep a little more private. The Living Beyond Yourself website actually has a message board that’s totally dead- That might be the best place for our more detailed conversations, since women going through the study in the future will also be able to read it.

        I do want to start discussions on the blog so that everyone who’s interested feels like they are getting some food for thought out of it– I think readers will get something out of the posts and comments, even if they didn’t officially “join.”

        We’ll just let the discussion evolve and see what happens! 🙂

  4. Lena says:

    (DEEP BREATH) I told you I was in in San Diego and I meant it. I’m definitely in a place in my life now where I can absorb it. Also…I’m a little scared. I already cry in the pick-up line. Hold me.

    • Anonymous says:

      So glad you’re doing it too. It will be fun. YOU WILL CRY HAPPY TEARS THAT DO NOT RUIN YOUR EYE MAKEUP. ;D

  5. Jessica says:

    I’m in! I’m so glad you mentioned that your husband was going to do it with you, because I was trying to convince my own husband to do this. Focusing on the Fruit of the Spirit is something that anyone can get something out of, no matter what their gender. 

    I have done Beth Moore studies before (and I even did a couple that she led like this online from her own blog but using someone else’s study materials, such as Jennifer Rothschild’s Me, Myself, and Lies. That had me in tears much of the time as I recognized so many things that I needed to work on), and I agree with you that I feel better about myself and life in general when I’m working on a Bible Study. I am so glad you thought about your blog followers with this idea!

    I’ve been spreading the word about this study to my off-line friends and family members as well, so I hope some of them join us, too.

    • Anonymous says:

       Great idea, Jessica! I didn’t think of it, but this would also be a great way for moms and adult daughters or friends/relatives who live in different cities to do a Bible study together. That’s such a cool concept. 🙂

      • Jessica says:

        So true! I did the Me, Myself, and Lies one I mentioned above with a close friend who lives a few states away. It was a good way for us to stay in contact and have some accountability at the same time.

  6. Rjones2615 says:

    I’m in!!! I can’t wait!!

  7. NancyB says:

    I’ve always wanted to join a bible study group but never know where to start and I’m not good sharing my thoughts about God without crying (why IS that?) and to look inward? I’ll be a blubbery mess!
    I’ll get what I need and make sure everything works before it all starts.

  8. Kristin says:

    I can’t wait to give the online study a try. Thanks for organizing.

  9. Jennifer in Ohio says:

    I’m in! I just bought the materials.

  10. Anonymous says:

    ok!  figured it out!  i’m in!!  🙂

  11. I so want to do this! Must look at the logistics and time …

  12. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic! I think we’re going to have a great group, everyone! I’ll post a reminder next week before we get started, for anyone who still needs to  buy the online study.

  13. Ellen L says:

    I’m in!  Getting ready to register.  Two of my neighbors are going to do it too…

  14. Anna Wick says:

    I am going to make an attempt to join you in this.  I am worried about the time commitment as I have 2 small children (ages 2 and 8 mo) but I REALLY want to do this so I am going to try to make the time!

    • Anonymous says:

       Great! You can always get a jumpstart on it this week if you want- That way, if you lose some days down the road it won’t matter. 🙂

  15. […] Once again, here are the final details. If you’re participating in the study, you’ll need to sign up here to access the videos and download the viewing guide and homework pages. (More information on signing up and getting started can be found in this post.) […]

  16. stephaniecyoung says:

    Hi.  I am in and ordered today.  I enjoyed doing Breaking Free and look forward to it being an online study.  Do you need me to send you anything else to access the discussions?

    • Anonymous says:

       Hi Stephanie! Just saw this comment and added you to the Facebook group. 🙂 Hope you’re enjoying the study!

  17. […] are the thoughts that went through my mind after watching the Intro session of the Beth Moore study that I’m hosting online right now. And to be honest, writing these words for everyone to read terrifies me. I am so afraid I’m […]

  18. […] I explain how to join the study here. […]

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