A Shameful Admission

  1. Rebeccah Connelly says:

    HAHAHAHAHA! We are so much alike that it’s scary. I am not allowed to go to Chuck E Cheese because “I only need a few more tokens…”

    • Anonymous says:

      OMG, I have serious issues with those Chuck E. Cheese games that push coins off into bin depending on your aim. It is shameful how quickly I can get rid of a full cup of tokens in there. And then I LIE to my husband about what happened to them because I’m so ashamed!  LOL.

      • Rebeccah Connelly says:

        Oh yes, it is because of my shameful behavior at CEC that I have also been told I will never go to Vegas.  I’m particularly interested in the game where the light goes around and around and you try to hit the button when the light gets to you.  I hit the “jackpot” once and got like three hundred tickets. INTERVENTION!!!!!!!!

  2. J says:

    I can so relate! Bejewelled – it’s just a 1 minute game. Fast, easy to finish. OK so 60 games later…! ughh

  3. 3boys says:

    Video games are the ultimate carrot-and-stick for kids these days. Never let them play without getting something in return and keep the amount of playing time they earn for each task small.

    Ideas: Math worksheets, write a story, read a story and answer questions, learn to keyboard, clean something, call grandma, go running or play tennis with you, get a flu shot without resistance, practice an instrument, eat vegetables and of course homework.

    You have a valuable incentive to get them to do anything you want plus they’ll learn valuable negotiating skills while trying to extract gaming time out of you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks, but no thanks. My kids are absolutely welcome to play video games. They spend most of their time learning or playing outside, so if they want to spend an hour a day playing a video game (or a computer game or watching TV), I’m absolutely happy to let them do it. If I ban the games, they’ll take on an allure in their minds that they don’t currently have.

      • 3boys says:

        I guess my comment is really for the middle school years. Is it really just 1 hour per day for those 2?

        Watch out for the gaming time creeping up as they get older.

        • Anonymous says:

          I try to keep media to an hour a day for them- If we’re watching a movie or playing a game as a family, that’s a little different. Generally, we’re so busy that they really only have time for an hour a day- and we have lots of kids on our street, too, so they’d rather be outside playing with them than anything else.


  4. Anonymous says:

    I don’t play video games.  Not because I don’t like them, but because with my obsessive/compulsive tendencies, I can’t stop playing them.

    One Christmas about 20 years ago, I was visiting my parents’ house when my 8-year old niece got a Nintendo system as a gift.  My younger sister and I locked our niece out of one of the bedrooms and played video games non-stop for 16 hours.  My niece spent most of her time pounding on the door and whining, “But it’s my game!”  What wonderful, loving aunts were were!

  5. Brittany Speight says:

    This will not help you… but – they have this game on facebook and I too am an addict 🙁 ha ha

  6. LAR Family says:

    Oh, not you, too! I bought Guitar Hero this weekend ($5 at GameStop!) and spent the last two days playing it over and over–and this morning I had to call in sick because I’m so dizzy I can’t stand up. I’m not sure which is worse–that my boss thinks I’ve got a hangover, or the truth.

  7. Anne Hogan says:

    I’m the same way!  “One more game, one more game…” and before you know it, it’s 3am and the dog has peed all over the rug because I can’t tear myself away from my game.  :p

  8. Boricua_keya says:

    LMAO! You are def not a crack ho. More like a  functioning celebrity addict. You are “Sheening” marbles. 😉

  9. Robbie says:

    i am lol b/c I always tell my kids,”you know mommy doesn’t play video games. That’s Daddy’s thing.” I just don’t like video games..never have..never will. Even when we had that first Atari I was not a player. I get bored even watching ppl play. I have found a game I like..called pinterest!


  10. Kelleywin says:

    Don’t go near Bejewelled or Stack ‘Em. Trust me.

  11. Amay324 says:

    Love it. Glad you have taken some time for yourself 🙂

  12. Paula Quick says:

    I’ve been accused by my husband of buying games “for the kids” so I can play them myself.  On this count, I plead the fifth.

  13. Bobbie says:

    I won’t give a negative comment about your Marbles game, and you won’t reflect on what sort of loser stays up until 4am playing the John Deere farming game, alright? I seriously only break that thing out maybe once a year for a few days, because I can’t quit farming when there are crops in the field, honey to harvest, and implements to be purchased.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ha! I think those are worse because your friends can tell you’re doing it! At least, I can feed my Marbles addiction without anyone knowing– unless I, like, want them to!  ;D

  14. NancyB says:

    Hello. My name is Nancy and I’m addicted to “games”.  It all started with Pinball when I was young.  
    I graduated to the original Game Boy when I was THIRTY.  HAD TO HAVE IT.  Played Batman until my fingers bled (“hey hon! feed Cody – I’m busy!).
    From there it was the Gameboy color and the Nintendo DS.  I lean toward the brainier games these days but I have that Marbles game for my Nintendo – different name and look, same theory.  Boy is that addicting!!
    I do have a Wii but I don’t play much and only have the WiiFit and Sports games (but I just may have to look into more….)
    Do NOT get started with Bejeweled! You will sell your children for more time to play.  
    I will not play anything like Mario or where I have to XYUPDOWNLEFTLEFTRIGHT – just not my thing.

    • Anonymous says:

      I still have my original Gameboy– just in case I want to break out Wordtris again. That was perhaps my greatest addiction of all time! 

  15. Amy says:

    I have a few games that I do that with but on Pogo (don’t go to the site, you will be drawn in like a moth to a flame). Currently I am hooked on playing Monopoly there but the bubble game? Please, I start doing that one as I fall asleep some nights. Why oh why do I like these games so much?!

  16. Jenna@CallHerHappy says:

    Hahah Lindsey, you crack me up! Ok, so I can’t relate to love of games…I just can’t get in to them. But I can relate to getting obsessed by a task and not giving up until it is perfect. Like my blog for example. I may have had my husband cook dinner tonight (we had meat. just meat.) so I could blog!


  17. Knewman4 says:

    Love it! I got hooked on Scrabble for iPad this summer and Civiballs. I hope you recover soon from your addiction!

  18. megan flowers says:

    Tetris is my downfall. I had to quite playing when I started getting migraines from staring at the screen to long. I also got way tense from it. 

    • Anonymous says:

      I had my days of Tetris too. But I was single then, and it didn’t matter if I wanted to play Tetris all dang night!  I still hear that song in my mind sometimes!

  19. Word games get me! I have to limit the number of Words with Friends games. Yes, a new FB friend is available to play. No, I do not need one more game going right now! And I may or may not have gone to bed and fallen asleep holding my iPhone last night to get in one more WWF play . . .

  20. Scj66 says:

    When I think of the things I could have accomplished in my home with just a FRACTION of the hours I’ve spent on Bejeweled Blitz or Words with Friends… well, it boggles the mind. My daughter actually missed the bus one day so I could play one…more…game. You have my complete sympathy.

  21. Islandmummy says:

    There’s a great site called OMGPOP where you can play against other people! I am addicted to “Draw my thing” (pictionary), “Wordblox” (kind of like boggle) and “Gemmers” (Bejewelled).

    I’ve gone cold turkey this week since it’s Thanksgiving for us!

    • Anonymous says:

      Cool! I was like that about Word Racer on Yahoo! Games for a while- It’s an awesome, AWESOME word game that you can play against other people.

  22. Nicole says:

    I have that same addiction to video games. I play until my fingers get nice calloused. Things like personal hygiene and eating take a back seat. Except I also get crazy competitive. My competitive side is not pretty. I don’t know how to win or lose gracefully and may have on more than one occasion stormed off in a huff and refused to talk to my husband until he agreed to a re-match. Which I won and promptly rubbed in his face for next week and a half.

  23. Melissa says:

    It’s TV shows with us. “24” is our crack of choice. We had to cut ourselves off for a while when we started regularly staying up until 2 in the morning on work nights after rushing the baby into bed early, watching earlier seasons on streaming Netflix. “Just one more episode!!!!” 

    There is no such thing as “just ONE more” at our house. LOL

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh we definitely have our TV addictions, too! I’m going crazy for the next season of Mad Men.  If you really want to see something great, check out the two seasons of Rome. The only reason it didn’t continue is that it cost $1 million PER EPISODE. It might be the best TV series of all time!

  24. Cathy in Shrewsbury says:

    I often smile at how things in your life parallels mine way up here in the Northeast. Right now, it’s NEVER been my thing to play video games, (though, like you, everyone else in the house happily indulged for years). Nope, I never excelled at Zelda (even back in the day), although I got relatively good at the first few Playstation Spyro the Dragon games… Now though, I’ve found Hidden Object Games, or HOG’s.  They are ADDICTING and yep, I’ve ignored dishes, laundry, even some of the last good warm weather up here a few weekends ago playing them. Even my love of a good book (or “my blogs” like yours) –  and a good night’s sleep, have truly suffered. They’re fun though, and I guess I’m sort of glad I have them for the ensuing long winter months that loom ahead. We’ll see,  I may be singing a different tune come Spring when I see that my house has fallen down all around me…

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