CheeseburgHer ’12: You Don’t Want to Miss It!

  1. Kailee Adams says:

    You bet your ass I’ll be there!!!!!! Best. Story. EVERRRRR!!!

  2. Shellie McHenry says:

    I have caught the blogging bug… and then got too busy to keep up with it, on and off since 2008. Every year it’s usually all the Blogher posts that light that fire. I’m back “on” blogging… actually before Blogher for once… so maybe if I can keep prioritizing this sanity-saving piece of Net over the next year, I will join yall for ’13!

  3. Hanan says:

    I never heard this sorry before, but how cool! I had a blast last year, and am going to stop by again this year, if the baby allows it 😉

  4. jenniferalsoknownasthewife says:

    This story is hands down just utterly fabulous!  I cannot wait to experience it first hand.

  5. Oh man…I never knew that the CheeseburgHer party had such history. I’d only seen pictures from the past few years and always thought it was an official BlogHer party. You ladies rock. I can’t wait to party it up with you next week.

  6. Heather B. says:

    I still remember the night that Yvonne and Lena said to come to their room in Chicago. I cannot believe how long it has been. Ridiculous. See you next week!

    • suburbanturmoil says:

      If you can say you were at the first CheeseburgHer Party, that is truly something! I remember you, Jen Lancaster, Catherine Connors, Julie Marsh, Kimberly Petro, Jen Satterwhite, Busy Mom, who else?

  7. SuzyQuzey says:

    This story never gets old. I love it! Can’t wait for CheeseburgHer next week!

  8. I am photoshopping myself into these pictures since I WASN’T THERE!  How did I not know about this counterculture before I started blogging February 29th?  Oh, I will be there #CheeseburgHer 2012.  I will be there.  

  9. Kari says:

    OMG I so wanna go to this!!!

  10. Eileen Smit says:

    I’ll be there! And that’s me in the bed jumping pic, well I’m sitting, but woot! (I somehow NEVER end up in pictures at parties and I have to tell people I swear I was there).

  11. […] The kids started school August 1st. August 2nd, I left for BlogHer ’12, where I co-hosted the annual CheeseburgHer Party, interviewed McDonalds CEO Jan Fields for The Stir, and attended a fabulous CafeMom party, where I […]

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