YETI. Why?

  1. Buffi says:

    And here I was feeling pretty fancy with my Igloo cooler. I feel so inadequate now.

  2. Jim Sackett says:

    Most people have been exposed to the brand name RTIC.
    A competetor to yeti but less money while putting out a superior product……QUALITY FOR LESS MONEY.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Wait wait wait, you didnt even touch on the trend of girls in bikinis sitting on yeti coolers. Yes this is a thing! #yetibutts

  4. David Leon says:

    I started following YETI many years ago in Flip Pallot fishing programs, I think YETI is like any other outdoor equipment, when you demand the best, specially if you practice backcountry fishing and hunting, going places without facilities you need a reliable equipment.
    Serious outdoor men demant the best, fishing rod, shotgu , and a YETI the first and original all other are followers.

  5. I, unlike the stereotypes you have assumed, buy Yeti for the quality. Unlike the junk cooler you may use, that most likely, won’t hold ice for a single day. Funny how Ozark trail is finally getting on board with offering a decent cooler for folks that like to take road trips and don’t want to have to worry about icing up their cooler every 6 to 8 hours. Yes, they are pricey, I own 3 yeti coolers, a tumbler, a bucket and a Tank. Won’t ever have to buy another cooler ever again. Now I just have to worry about people like you stealing it! Luckily, I keep them chained, and locked!

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