Suburban Turmoil 2012: The Year in Review

  1. Amanda M. says:

    Love it!! What a fun-filled year! 🙂

  2. rubberbacon says:

    I was a little worried this year would cause you do do the whole “it’s been fun but closing the blog post”, glad to see you are sticking around!

    • suburbanturmoil says:

      Ha, I got a lot of worried e-mails, that’s for sure. I can’t ever see myself shuttering this blog, though. I love recording our lives here, and I love looking back at all that’s happened. It’s partly for my kids and partly because sharing these stories and getting feedback and perspective has turned out to be pretty therapeutic, particularly now that the trolls are gone and I can read my comments without wincing. Usually. 😉

  3. My goodness women, you were busy this year!! One of my most favorite trips this past year was the McDonald’s event. It was a blast being able to meet such amazing ladies there, including you! Happy 2012 Lindsay!

  4. mamakatslosinit says:

    Holy SMOKES! I will never EVER complain about being busy again. Okay that’s a lie, I probably will, but STILL…dang girl! I am 100% with you when it comes to talk about keeping personal blogs as a baseline and simply using them to catapult yourself into other jobs. I love that you got to see so much of the world this year AND managed to raise some good looking babies. Keep it up girl!

  5. Marcy L says:

    What an amazing recap of so many interesting things you were involved in during the last year! I saw some episodes of I’ll Take That Dare and really liked them, but I had no idea you do so much!

  6. Lindsay, I got tired just reading all of this. Holy crap, woman! What an amazing year 🙂

  7. D52R says:

    I’m so glad you make time to write even though you are obviously so busy with various projects.  You are such a gifted and talented writer and I so enjoy reading your posts.  Your writing style is refreshing, “real,” and easy to relate to which are all goals to which any writer should aspire.  I hope you have an exciting new year with enough time to relax and refresh thrown in to keep you just as vibrant as you have been in 2012.

  8. Rjones2615 says:

    Awesome! Bruiser grew from Sep-Dec! He’s catching up to Pinky!

  9. Shawn and I love your I’ll Take That Dare videos. You’ve had an awesome year, and I’m sincerely sorry it was marked by sadness too. 2012 was wacky like that. Thanks for keeping us entertained in the midst of it all. 

  10. natashajparker says:

    Have always loved your stories and am thankful to you for sharing them. Hope your 2013 is full of all kinds of wonderful! 

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